Closet Makeover 

Closet Makeover is the core to a winning wardrobe. 

Sort, Style and Reorganize . 

Sort:  I will go through your current wardrobe evaluating what to keep and what toss. Understanding how you shop and what style you feel your absolute best in. 

Style: I get to create new looks with your already existing wardrobe. Taking photos for your own personal use of looks I created.  Writing a shopping list for future purchases. Teaching you style tips along the way. 

Reorganize: This is a great way to keep the closet cohesive and streamlined. Providing tips on what goes where for an easy and empowering closet. 

Closet Makeover is for 3 Hours.  For more information on pricing, location or any other questions, please contact me!

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Hoboken, NJ & Short Hills, NJ

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