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Beautiful Closet Makeover

When we clear away the clutter, life opens up. What do I mean by that? Well, I was told a long time ago that when we take care of our things, clean out closets, organize papers, etc, the Universe knows your taking care of yourself. You matter, you are loved, you are given the guidance that you didn't know it was even being given. We walk around in our day-to-day lives with thousands of thoughts. Usually, they are the same thoughts!!! Our sub-conscience mind telling us thoughts on repeat. There are many ways to train your mind to find good thoughts.....Affirmations are one.

This Affirmation was brought to my attention and I love it. I light sage and get to work. Its been very helpful with my spiritual journey.

Affirmations on the daily.
9 Affirmation You Must Try

Journal! It doesn't matter what you write, your thoughts, feelings, what you do in a day. It just feels so good to write things down. Clarity comes to life. I've been journaling on and off since I was able to write!

Journal and feel freedom
Journal Is So Therapeutic

Mood Board! Great way to organize your thoughts on how you want your closet to look. Room to look. Your life to look! Then grab a bulletin board or picture frame and get to work. Your vision will come to life!

Mood Board.
Mood Board For Your Home, Thoughts, Future

How do you want your closet to look? Maybe you don't have a glam closet. That's okay! Organizing it in a way that feels right to you can be glamourous. Bring in elements that can feel boudoir, glam, boho, or whatever. I can help with these elements too. This closet was designed by Francis Toumbakaris. I was able to weed out styles that the client wasn't using and use her own items to complete the look. Love this closet!

Styled Closet by Me
Styled Closet by Me

Let's have a chat! Talk about your visions of your closet, your style and how you want to see yourself showing up in life! I want to make that happen for you. 201-661-3703

Take care of you. Mind, Body, and Spirit!



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