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Two Meditations That I Highly Recommend

Life. Life has so many ups and so many downs. This year has been the continuous ups and downs. There are moments/days that life is going well...then wham. We received so many weird messages. The unknown is pretty scary. However, this year has been eye-opening! I knew I needed to connect with nature and find a deeper spiritual path. I realized so much about the capabilities of my surroundings and what I can see and feel. Going through this spiritual journey has been confusing, amazing, and a sense of freedom.

I've been told to let go of what no longer serves me. Easy to say but how do you do it? Yes, go through past traumas..which I have done through intense therapy. But, one day I was explaining to a friend an argument I was having with my husband and she was like, it sounds like your wounded inner child. Then suggests a meditation to try. I did, it was super powerful. Yes, we ALL have wounded inner child stuff. I wanted to go deeper with here is the meditation to try.

The other was being with your spiritual guides. OH, MY WORD! This was the most powerful and intense mediation. I did it and the next day while running...I realized that I'm not allowing myself to go to the other side of clarity and freedom! I was simply stuck in the in-between! Then I started to walk into the next dimension. I was hovered over balling my eyes out. I allowed myself to go to that other side. It was breathtaking...I felt protected, nurtured, and guided. Intensely powerful. After this happened, a bald eagle flew up into the trees right in front of me. Landed and we just looked at one other. It was AMAZING. The Bald Eagle is the highest spiritual totem. Symbolic of power and man's association with the divine. If you want to go deeper spiritually, the blessings and what you feel/see is peace, love and the light is soo bright. Eyes are more open, intuition is much stronger, and to live in a higher purpose breathtaking.

Here are two mediation videos I highly recommend.


Meeting Your Spirit Guides

Inner Child Meditation

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