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Family Photo Shoot & Styling Business

Photo Shoot In NJ
Family Photo Shoot & Styling Business

Over the summer, I won a family photoshoot with @mintandwillowphotography. It was an unexpected surprise and we are so pleased. Donna of #mintandwillowphotography is an artist. I never shared with her my vision, she just knew! The photo shoot was fun and effortless. I highly suggest Donna!

This photo was done early summer of 2020. A year that has been the weirdest yet. My husband and I wanted a summer that was fun and normal for our family. My husband bought a boat with his brother and that was soo fun. We were able to be on the water and learn how to water ski. I found a pond for our girls to enjoy swimming with friends. We were able to get away to a lake in Maine. Maine was the highlight of our summer. Staying in a cabin, waterskiing on a beautiful lake with horrible internet access. It was GREAT! 2 weeks of being away from the chaos was exactly what we needed. We are extremely grateful.

During this time, my styling business was in a state of confusion. Ha. I never experienced not having work. Well, consistent work. I wasn't seeing a lot of my clients and the virtual styling wasn't really taking off. I was at a loss. So, I concentrated on my social channels. I started making styling videos.

OMG! How fun. Finding music, using my own wardrobe, creating! Out of my comfort zone...I needed that. 6 months later of making consistent videos, I'm ready to do a YouTube channel. Another out of my comfort zone feeling. Speaking in front of an audience will be challenging....I'm ready. These are all new ventures I'm encountering but very excited and nervous for it. Who will watch? Will people like it? Am I to late in the game? I don't know!!! I'm just going to do it and enjoy the process.

I honestly hate what we are all going through. However, I will make the best of it no matter what. I hope you come along with me. I hope I can encourage you to do something that you've always wanted to do.



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