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What I'm Good At


Closet Makeover

Discover Your Style with Closet Makeovers

Revamp your wardrobe and transform your daily dressing routine with our comprehensive Closet Makeover service. We're here to curate and organize your closet, ensuring it reflects your style, fits your lifestyle, and maximizes your fashion potential.

What's Included:

  1. Wardrobe Assessment: We start by evaluating your existing wardrobe. We'll discuss your style preferences, lifestyle needs, and identify key pieces that work for you.

  2. Decluttering and Organization: Together, we'll declutter your closet, streamlining it by removing items that no longer serve your style or fit. We'll reorganize your space to optimize accessibility and functionality.

  3. Personalized Styling: Create new outfit combinations from your existing pieces. We'll show you how to mix and match items to maximize their wearability, ensuring every piece in your closet has multiple styling options.

  4. Identifying Wardrobe Gaps: We'll identify any missing essentials or pieces that could enhance your current collection, providing suggestions for versatile items to complete your wardrobe.

  5. Closet Layout and Storage Solutions: Offer recommendations for closet organization systems or storage solutions that suit your space and make it easier to maintain your newly curated wardrobe.


  • Effortless Style Selection: Enjoy a curated closet tailored to your unique style, making it easier to choose outfits effortlessly.

  • Maximized Wardrobe Potential: Discover hidden gems in your wardrobe and learn how to style them in multiple ways.

  • Time-Saving: Save time getting ready each day with a well-organized closet that allows for quick and efficient outfit selections.

  • Confidence Boost: Feel confident and empowered in your personal style, knowing your closet reflects your best self.

How It Works:

  1. Consultation: Begin with an initial consultation to discuss your style goals, preferences, and schedule.

  2. Closet Session: We'll work together during an in-person or virtual session to transform your closet.

  3. Follow-Up Support: Receive ongoing support, styling tips, and recommendations to maintain your curated wardrobe.

Invest in a closet makeover today and redefine your style with ease and confidence!

Closet Makeover is for 3 Hours.  For more information on pricing, location, or any other questions, please contact me!

Personal Shopping 

Unleash Your Style Potential with Me

Shopping Trip: This day is dedicated to you. We will pick the desired shopping location based on your needs. I typically take my clients to Short Hills Mall and NYC. I will have everything taken care of beforehand. You will walk into your own private fitting room lounge with carefully selected items based on your style and size.

​Transformation: This is our opportunity for me to teach you what silhouette and color look best on you. Creating stylish looks and proper care of your new items. 

Feeling ReFreshed: At the end of session, you will have a new wardrobe curated to your style and lifestyle. Photos of the outfits I put together during our session. Feeling refreshed and more confident. 

Personal Shopping is for 3 Hours/Max 5 Hours.  Call me for pricing, locations, and any further questions. 


Fashion Styling 

Style That Reflects the Real You

Collaboration: Curating looks based on a mood board for models look books. Collaborating with photographers, hair/makeup, models, and modeling agencies.  

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