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FINALLY! Finally Started My YOUTUBE Channel!

Starting my Youtube channel was challenging!!!! I wasn't ready for it and put pressure on myself until I went for it. Like anything, I wanted to start, try, and be challenged. I was once told that my passion wasn't coming across on camera. I knew it was what I needed to hear because I DO have passion but the light inside me was dim. I run a lot and when I run, I create all these ideas in my head. I feel alive, ready -- BUT, I turn the camera on and freeze. SOOOO, I started doing the visualizing method. I would meditate and see my business in a different light. The visualizing method WORKS! I do it every day. We are all unique and crafted individuals. Once we feel it, see it, and honor it, life expands!

Please check out my YouTube channel. Like, Subscribe, and if you would like comment! The channel is dedicated to encouragement, style, fashion, and so much more!

ere is the link below:

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