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A Happy Wardrobe!

I always tell my clients to have a "happy" wardrobe. If you put something on and feel meh then please don't wear it. ha! It's so nice to put on clothes that make us feel good. We stand taller, we show up better and we feel confident. When I shop for my clients, I love having the mission to help them feel and look better. I want them to feel the "wow" factor. Having a stylist is a beautiful thing, it really is. I see my clients transform!! They see themselves transform. I just took a client shopping and she was on cloud 9...this client kept saying, I would never pick that...I love it! When you go through my process of a closet makeover and personal shopping you feel lighter, happier, put together and free. I hope to see you soon...Thank you! #personalshopping #happywardrobe #closetmakeover #feelconfident #shorthillsmall #clubmonaco #lovewhatyouwear

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