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Dreamy Closet

My dear friend is an amazing interior decorator. He has done many homes in the tri-state area. Check his work out.

When he finished his meatpacking project he hired me to style the clients amazing walk-in closet. This client is an entrepreneur and her company had gone public around the time I came to meet her. What an accomplishment! Now, when I walked into the completely remodeled home, I instantly received goosebumps. The place was ABSOLUTELY STUNNING! The craftsmanship, furniture, light and how it flows was incredible.

I met with the client and she was telling me to make her closet girly and pretty. No problem! She had beautiful clothes, handbags and shoes. There was a lot of gorgeous pieces. I was able to weed out items and represent how her lifestyle is today. I found this beautiful jewelry box that was engraved with a special note. I figured this was something super special and needs to be seen.

After I finished the closet, she was smiling from ear to ear. The flow, the organization, the showcase and when she saw the engraved jewelry box front and center, she was SO happy. This special engraved piece of art said a note that was about her business going public by her parents. It was such a moment for her and for me!! I felt she needed to see that and feel how far she's come!

Please take a look at this stunning closet. Thanks so much for ready xoxoxo

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