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Full April Pink Moon Will Be The First Supermoon of 2021

Have you ever felt a strong connection to the moon? Ever since I was a kid, I had this strong connection to our galaxy. Even though its so far away, I always thought I could one day reach the stars and travel in space. There is a sense of peace walking outside at night and having the glow of the stars and moon protecting you.

The moon is so special. The energies, the sense of power you feel from the moon.I have been on this path to understand more about energies from space. Espcially, around the full moon.

This past March 28th was the last full moon. I was ecouraged to write down thoughts that no longer serve me. The thoughts that my sub-conscious says on repeat from past traumas. After I wrote it down, I burned it. Then after I burned the past thought, I wrote down what I want from life, the "good" talk. Put the paper by my bedside on the full moon and waited to what happens.

WOW, I was certiantly surprised. I felt empowered. I felt those old stories in my head were smashed, I was more aware of the "bad" talk and the "good" talk. I felt free!! I felt I can do whatever I'm destined to do! It was simply powerful.

This pink moon is not actually pink, the color represents Spring. Tulips and daffodiles coming through the earth. An anticipation is in the air for dreams coming true. The moon is closet to the earth this day. Pretty sweet.

This full moon is all about manifestation. We are always manifesting what we desire from life and continue to reach for it.

On the eve of April 25th, allow yourself to feel the nourishment of your spirtual self without burning out. Be focused and clear- headed. Relax, slow down and embrace joy.

Manifest! Write down what you would like from your life. Give yourself time and really think about what you would like to manifest. Go deep.

Spirtual Meaning Of The Super Moon





Light Heartedness







New Growth







Align yourself with nature. Run, walk barefoot outside and ground yourself. Build boundaries with yourself and loved ones. Spring is happening all around us.

Write down your goals. Every moon is powerful and effective time to manifest.

Give positive energy to the universe.

Use your crystals. There is a wonderful store near where I live. I never knew the power of crystals until I learend (still learning) which ones I would like and need. I was told to put your hands over crstyals and the power of your hands will guide you to the ones that you need. It works!

Enjoy the beauty of the full moon. Leave a comment if you experienced anything new. Be open!


Wild Woman

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