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How Do You Find Your Color?

Hey Friends! How do you find your color? Using a color swatch to your face can help. We tend to follow a color story of black, navy, grey, and white. These colors look good on pretty much everyone. We can always count on this array of colors from season to season.

If you want to play with other colors, you can have your color aura read. Which is fantastic!! We all have a color aura surrounding us. Typically, people have yellow surrounding them. It's a color that most kids see around adults. It's happy and easy to read.

Using color swatches can help you understand what colors look best on you. When you put the color swatch up to your face, if you see rosy cheeks and your face is warm, that's your color. If you are coming up drawn out and pale, skip it! It's fun to do this cause there are so many beautiful colors to wear and when you are clear on your color palette, it's fun to go shopping!

When styling my clients, I make sure I help them understand what color helps enhance their features. This will help when I pick outfits for them and my clients see that color is so fun!



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